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Welcome to Open Waters - The Open Source Boat Wiki,
the wiki to design a complete boat capable of sustainable living, that anyone can edit!

We are currently have 13 articles up and running.
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Project Overview

The principles and designs would be able to work in any environment Write a description about your topic. Let your readers know what your topic is about and add some general information about it.

The project is entirely in metric, for information on the measurements and calculations used use the conversion chart .

Project Components


Project Description
Hull Choose hull materials , and offer a choice of hull configurations dependant on where the boat would be used.
Power Supply Wind turbineSolar PanelSolar Water Heater , Solar Furnace
Power Storage Compressed Air , Batteries
Head Shower , toiletplumbing etc
Electrics 12v system/5v(usb) system/led lighting
Hydro/aquaponics 20mper person for food, extra for Hygiene/medicine/clothing/oils etc.
Propulsion Electric motor /air powered motor/sails
Computer system low power with gps and entertainment
Life Safety

Location, flotation, communication, food & water

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